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The HSM Group of Companies deliver Technology, Construction, and Engineering Services worldwide. Leveraging strategic partnerships with our vendors, we deliver our expertise to Governments, Enterprises, and SMBs worldwide.  Our goals are your goals.  We use technology to make your business more efficient, and deliver creative solutions that bring you long-term competitive advantages.

More About HSM

We are HSM.  We are the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.  Every day, people join forces with us to accomplish great things.  People from different countries, backgrounds, education levels, religions, and industries.  If you haven’t joined, it’s because you don’t know how awesome we are yet.

HSM’s guiding philosophy is simple:

Every minor task can be accomplished.  Every great dream can be achieved.  But getting the job done isn’t enough.  It must be done better than it has ever been done before.  Everything can be improved.  Made better.  Or cheaper.  Or faster.  Or cooler.  In fact, making it better isn’t enough either.  It must be improved more than it has ever been improved before.

HSM is everywhere.  In every country.  In every community.  In your neighborhood.  Down the street from you.  In your phone and car and microwave.  HSM’s ideas, products, and services create better lives for you, your family, your friends, and billions of other people.

What makes HSM so successful?  What gives HSM the spark to change the world?  Without question, it’s our people.  Only the best, most devoted individuals are given the privilege of joining our team.  In turn, they share our philosophy of being the best that ever was and the best that ever will be.

The lights at HSM never go out.  Our people answer the phone at 2AM.  Their day doesn’t end until the next day begins.  They don’t make excuses or cut corners or slack off.  They strive to accomplish great things for themselves.  Because greatness is its own reward.  Not a monotonous, unfulfilling desk job interrupted by a thirty-minute lunch break.

Every body at HSM is an owner.  There is no passing the buck.  The janitor knows how to write code.  Why?  Because every problem is every body’s problem.  Not it’s not my problem.

What else does HSM believe in?

The most fundamental human right is the ability to think and believe whatever you want.  Freedom of thought.  It’s more important than having clean water.  It’s more important than freedom of speech.

Freedom of thought gives us the ability to innovate.  Freedom of thought gives us the ability to overcome obstacles.  And freedom of thought is what allows us to challenge the evil forces that threaten our civilization.  Freedom of thought is also the most vulnerable, because it is attacked by hidden forces in political speeches, advertising, newspaper articles, and social media.  By people who profit from changing the way that we think.  HSM is actively fighting those who try to brainwash our society.

No two people have the same life experiences, and therefore, no two people have the exact same opinion about anything.  It’s important to listen to everybody and not give undue weight to a person’s education or sophistication.  A cashier dealing with people every day may have better insight than a CEO staring at a spreadsheet.

Iterative change is good.  Building on the idea of listening to people, it’s better to introduce changes gradually, collect feedback, and then make improvements.  HSM releases products and services before they are “finished”.  Since everything can be improved, nothing is ever finished.  In a way, each customer is a fundamental part of the design process.

Iterative change works well for an app.  It works well for a disruptive process.  It doesn’t work as well for an office building or a road, but HSM is changing that.

Challenge authority.  It’s not enough to challenge the ideas put out by an authority.  You must also challenge their legitimacy.  Every authority has self-serving goals and motivations.  Many times, their goals and motivations don’t line up with your goals and motivations.  A powerful person isn’t always intelligent.  In fact, the opposite is often true.

There is no shame in making money and lots of it.  If you dig deep down, almost every business exists for one purpose.  To make more money.  And that is why people come to us.  To make more money.  And we aren’t going to sugar-coat it.  Money isn’t the only thing that matters in life, but it’s one of the only things you can measure.

Finally, keep asking why?  Everything can be taken apart, experimented on, analysed, broken, and rebuilt.  If we can’t understand why something works (or doesn’t work), we won’t be able to make it better.  And if we can’t figure it out ourselves, we know how to find help from more experienced people.  Then their knowledge becomes our knowledge, and their experiences become our experiences.

What does HSM do exactly?

HSM uses engineering and technology to solve problems in your life and in your business.  Problems with products, people, processes.  Whatever your problem is, HSM will work with you to find a solution.  Because we don’t take no for an answer.


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